The Accessories Council Gets Sweaty At SWITCH

While weights, resistance bands and yoga mats are hardly your traditional accessories, the Accessories Council members rocked all of these and more at the new SWITCH Playground on E.12th Street in New York City on Tuesday night. SWITCH is the latest in workout trends and is a full body workout in a high-energy, club-like atmosphere. Featuring strobe lights, fog machines and a live DJ, it was enough to make you forget the workout (almost).

SWITCH features twenty different stations, from rowing, to running, to agility, to weights and just about everything in between. Exercisers spend two minutes at each station before moving on to the next activity. The best part is, you work in teams so bring a partner to motivate you through!

Want to experience the fun for yourself? SWITCH is offering a special February promo, with 5 classes for $100 using the code: FebruarySwitch. The Accessories Council gives our endorsement, we all left sweaty, happy and even a little toned.

Members Alex Woo, Courtney Lanham, Natalie Kathleen, Karen Giberson, Abigail Cook, Shannon Fresca, Jessica Chang-Russell, Don Pietranczyk post class

Members Alex Woo, Courtney Lanham, Natalie Kathleen, Karen Giberson, Abigail Cook, Shannon Fresca, Jessica Chang-Russell, Don Pietranczyk post class


Los Angeles Networking & Cocktail Event

The rain didn’t keep the Accessories Council members from visiting the stunning Sydney Evan Showroom in Downtown Los Angeles for cocktails, mingling and hors d’oeuvres. The evening also featured a special presentation from ACE Award Winners Rosenthal & Rosenthal on tips to finance your future.

Accessories Council President Karen Giberson made the trip out to LA, stating that the Council has been striving to host more events and opportunities for their West Coast members. “While we are a New York based team and hold many of our events there, we have a growing number of Los Angeles members who we want to involve and include in as much as possible” Giberson stated.

For the event attendees, it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and fellow members. The Accessories Council will be hosting another event in Los Angeles at the Rebecca Minkoff store on May 4th. If you are interested in attending this or any other event, contact accessoriescouncil@accessoriescouncil.org or call us 212-947-1135.

Charlie Lapson & Karen Giberson

Charlie Lapson & Karen Giberson

Tony Dockerton & Lauren Bruksch

Tony Drockton & Lauren Bruksch

Parnia Pandkhou & Rosanne Karmes

Parnia Pandkhou & Rosanne Karmes

Rehn Dudukgian and friend

Rehn Dudukgian and friend

Bracelets at Sydney Evans

Bracelets at Sydney Evans

Tamalyn Shea and representatives from MODRA style

Tamalyn Shea and representatives from MODRA style

Sydnee Breuer and representatives from Rosenthal & Rosenthal

Sydnee Breuer and representatives from Rosenthal & Rosenthal


Leigh Ann Barnes

Leigh Ann Barnes




Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce (and style!)

Last Tuesday, Bloomingdale’s hosted an intimate panel with BravoTV’s “Girlfriends Guide To Divorce” featuring Lisa Edelstien, Lead Actress, Ramy Brook Sharp, Creative Director, Marti Noxon, Executive Producer, Cynthia Summers, Costume Designer and was moderated by Brooke Jaffe, Fashion Director at Bloomingdales. The Accessories Council got a chance to meet with Cynthia Summers and Ramy Brook Sharp, who gave us the dish on their must-have accessories, their work on the show and what it’s like to dress the stars.

Cynthia Summers

AC: We are at Bloomingdales, so what brands or pieces should we walk out of here with that are Girlfriend Guide approved?

CS: Right off the top of my head, for dresses for sure, BCBG and Rebecca Minkoff. I can think of more but I can’t right now. Those two for sure.

AC: This show is all about women in their forties, how do you find age appropriate things that look wonderful and are still on trend?

CS: Every person, like all the characters, have to start from their core personality and what they’re doing for a living. And I think when you watch the show, or any character, there are ebbs and flows with what’s going on with them and their wardrobe tends to mirror that. For Abby, it’s easy. She started as a stay at home mom writer and we’re in LA so that also dictates what people are wearing and what they look like. We started her off in the first season in jeans and sky high heels because that’s sort of how we amped up her look, great tops, including Ramy’s, and then throw in a really great jacket, and the IT bag of the moment and that sort of gave her style but stayed within her comfort zone. As we see her character developing over the seasons, she starts to wear dresses, must of them are A line and Full because her character really needs to get around, she’s always on the move and it’s feminine, which fits her character because she is a feminine character and a feminine actress.

AC: You mentioned the “IT bag of the moment”, what is your IT bag? Both personal and for the show?

CS: My personal is a Stella McCartney, small navy backpack and it’s great because it’s all in and it’s back there and the Stella one is great because I try to use vegan when I can. Abby’s IT bag of the moment is not vegan, it’s the Chloe tote because she’s always shoving all her stuff in there. Her haul out top, her stuff, the kids’ stuff. And actually, she started using a New York bag, GUNAS. They have great vegan bags and I’ve used a lot of their bags on Delia because they suit her character and her wardrobe and they’re a little smaller, they’re not a tote. They’re beautiful and they’re vegan, so that helps out my cause. I’m trying to push that a little bit.

AC: What is a star’s biggest concern when you’re dressing them and giving them something to wear?

CS: I think that most of the time they want to know that I’ve done my homework and that I’m dressing their character, as opposed to dressing them. You really have to take into account the body that you’re given with an actor, that comes to the part, because, obviously, that is your canvas. But you really have to make sure you’re stepping away from that personality and taking their look into the character. In period film and TV, it’s much easier because you’re dictated by the fashion of the time, which seems to be a smaller range. Whereas here, with fashion, it’s global and it changes every second. You need to make sure you’re hanging on to, you’re reflecting, you’re staying true to the character and not going to far off on a tangent. You want to be fun and add freshness but you want to stay true to who that character really is.

AC: And do you have a favorite outfit from the show? Or a very distinct moment that you can name?

CS: There’s so many. I guess for Abby, this season, season 3, she’s trying to revamp her job, she’s trying rebrand her job, and herself in a way. So, she comes in with this great pitch to give to the company because she’s trying to save her job and she’s wearing this Dolce & Gabbana, it’s the leaf dress and it’s cinched in at the waist. And we added this amazing belt to go with it and this dragonfly pin. That was a great moment because it’s the beginning of the season, it’s super fresh, it’s like lime greens and kelly greens and whites. She stands out. And of course, she gets fired in that same outfit. So, it’s like “I’m here, it’s all good, I’m super confident, I’ve got this amazing outfit on and um what” she’s kind of knocked right down. So, that was kind of a stand out moment for me.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.51.39 PM Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.51.22 PM


Ramy Brook Sharp

AC: I asked Cynthia this question but I want to know your answer as well. What is your IT handbag of the season?

RBS: A Valentino with this guitar strap. I bought the little one so I can wear it out at night and now I take off the guitar strap and put it on all my bags, if I can. That’s my favorite. It’s colorful and it’s thick and I refer to it as a guitar strap because that’s where I think it came from and it’s the Valentino with the little studs. I don’t love Valentino bags but this one in particular, I love. I also like anything that is cross body, that’s one of my favorite things to wear. So, the Chloe cross body, the Valentino cross body, I like to keep my hands free. I love my Chanel backpack and Chanel messenger bag.

AC: One of the other questions I asked Cynthia was if you had a wardrobe or accessories moment in the show that was a favorite or a defining moment?

RBS: For me, I started my company 6 years ago. I wanted just plain solid tops because I love jewelry so much, so for me it was all about my accessories and it was almost like my clothes are a canvas, like a piece of art, so my jewelry could just compliment it. My closet, when we do photo shoots, the girls come over and go through all the drawers because I’ve been collecting it over years and years. And I was never that into jewelry until I got pregnant and then when I couldn’t really buy clothes anymore, or shoes, because you just get big all over, it was like I had to buy something, so I bought jewelry. And it lasts through your pregnancy and it has some value, I can pass it down. I’m just a huge fan of all accessories

AC: Amazing, we love fellow accessories fans! In the context of the show, can you name a specific piece that you love?

RBS: So, we have this top, it’s called the Harriet top, it’s one of the first tops I designed. It’s a silk top, you can wear it 6 different ways. I like to wear it just tied behind my neck, like a halter and wear it really low and have just a simple gold necklace. I love gold hoops. I’m also really into these ring bracelets right now. People always ask if I’m in the jewelry business and I’m like I’d go broke if I was, so no!

AC: What advice would you have for women who are stylish and want to wear trends of the moment, but still want to look age appropriate?

RBS: I think it’s interesting because forty year olds can dress like twenty year olds but I do think there is a certain fine line that should be appropriate. So, you could still wear something low, or show your shoulders, or wear a crop top if you’re wearing high waisted pants. I feel like all the styles could be the same in many ways. You just have to make sure you wear it appropriately, then it’s fine. Like maybe it’s wearing a little jacket or a little shrug, or something that doesn’t make it seem like you’re trying to go back in time. Women really care about their bodies and how they look and want to look and feel great, and the clothing and the accessories help them do that.

AC: This show follows a woman who has gone through a divorce, she’s gotten fired from her job, she’s been through a lot. We are big believers that accessories and clothing add a dimension to you and your confidence. How do you think clothing and accessories can add to that?

RBS: I think it’s important. You know growing up, my Mother always made us dress up, even like on an airplane or if we went out to dinner. She just felt we should be dressed a certain way so people treated us a certain way. I think there’s a time and a place to dress down and there’s a time and place to dress up but the most important thing is that however you dress, make sure you’re confident and you feel good because people will be able to see right through you. And the accessories as well, like it may not make sense to wear big earrings and a big necklace and a big bracelet, you don’t have to add it all up. If you put on those special pieces that sparkle and make you shine, I think that’s all you need.

AC: Any designers we should be on the lookout for?

RBS: Some of my favorite designers are Loree Rodkin, I think her stuff is very cool. Jacquie Aiche, her things that are a little more feminine but if you layer it up it’s pretty sexy. And I’m a big fan of Jennifer Fisher. She really is so cool and so talented and just a nice girl. She’s one of the people I went to for advice when I started my company and she’s still really helpful.

The interviews were followed by a panel discussion, in which the four women talked about approaching the uncomfortable topic of divorce, Ramy and Cynthia’s artistic influences and impact on the show and Lisa’s experience with looking and embodying Abby. Attendees left with great swag bags, filled with mini bottle of champagne, monogramed “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce” champagne glasses and a Jo Malone + Ramy Brook candle. Thank you again to Bloomingdales for a great evening and getting us excited to tune in for Season 3 on BravoTV!

How To Have An Accessorized New Year’s Eve

There are many fabulous things about the New Year: champagne, glitter, good friends, and of course, great accessories. We’ve seen a great year for accessories in 2016 and as we gear up for what 2017 has in store, we wanted to visit some of our favorite trends and Accessories Council member’s items to help you create the perfect look to welcome in 2017. The great thing about investing in accessories? They’re reusable all year round! Be honest, how many times have you worn that sequin dress you bought two years ago?

The Big Night Out aka New Year’s Eve

We might be biased but it’s our humble opinion that most your New Year’s Eve expenses should be accessories related. We recommend going into your closet and pulling out your LBD (or check out this cute one from Rebecca Minkoff ) and dressing it up with some of these picks.

For your ears: Rainbow was a big trend in 2016 and we can’t get enough of these fun, front-back earrings from Sarah Magid. Plus, we love how they are reminiscent of New Year’s Eve Fireworks!

For your lipstick+ wallet+ keys: We aren’t over touches of velvet and we don’t see this popular trend going anywhere. Tyler Ellis’ chic, velvet clutch will fit everything you need for the evening. This item will pull any outfit together, all season long.

For your feet: Heels- every girl’s nightmare on New Year’s Eve. You need a stiletto that you can dance in all night long! That’s why we recommend Marion Parke- a podiatrist turned designer. With an arch support, added material to support the rearfoot and ankle, as well as medical grade material for cushioning that molds to the foot over time, you won’t be barefoot or seated once all night!

For your neck: This necklace from Eriness might look simple but this elegant, 14K gold diamond bar is anything but. This necklace will draw the eye to the neckline and doesn’t compete with the fun rainbow earrings. No New Year’s outfit is complete without some glitz or diamonds!

Other essentials 

  • glitter: for celebrating!
  • lumee: for memorializing the evening with your friends


Under the New Year’s Sun

So you’re on the beach soaking in 2017? Just because you’re relaxing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace this season’s best beach accessories! If you’re like us and returning to gloomy weather, these picks will still look great come Summer 2017.

For your feet: Jack Roger’s quality, whipstiched leather sandals look great headed to the beach, the boat, or the local crab shack. The neutral color matches your entire wardrobe and the unique monogramming will help remind you to write 2017 not 2016!

For your dip in the ocean: Every great beach getaway calls for great swim wear. We love to mix and match our tops and bottoms, like this Tory Sport bikini top and swim RISE bottom. This seventy inspired top features four-way stretch, is quick drying, and has UPF 50 sun protection. Oh, and if you’re feeling less than spectacular about your bikini body, swim RISE’s skirt-like garment has a compression band built into the top, leaving you feeling confident and ready to bare it all.

For blocking rays: Despite the obvious benefits of sun protection, this adorable straw hat from Luxchilas supports local artisans. Handmade in Columbia by Wayuu artisans, it has a flat-shaped brim that can be turned up or down and the fun pompoms add a touch of color to your look.

For FURTHER blocking rays: No beach outfit is complete without shades. Block the sun, take a nap or secretly scope out other beach goers in these Alex shades by Freida Rothman.

For dessert: Craving ice cream but want to skip the indulgence? This clutch from Paige Gamble, a New York City atelier is cute, playful and zero calories. Plus, it holds all your beach necessities without weighing you down.

Other essentials

  • smartwater: to stay hydrated in the sun
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF: a sunburn is not an accessory we recommend, stay protected!




You Knew This Was Coming

Ah, the inevitable morning after. You stayed up too late, had one too many glasses of champagne or you just want to end your holidays in comfort. There is a way to look great (even if you don’t feel great).


For lounging around: Cozy up on your couch in this 100% cashmere hoodie from Johnston’s of Elgin. Knitted in Scotland, this top will help keep you warm and comfy all day (and year!) long.

For your feet: Need to slip on some shoes when you run out for your recovery bagel sandwich? These breathable, flexible, sneakers from the jibs life are just what you need! Handmade in Brazil and designed with supreme comfort in mind, we promise these will become your new go-to shoes!

For your eyes (indoor and outdoor)

Indoor: after being out till the wee hours of the night, you don’t need 2017’s sun rays interrupting your sleep. Block out the world and get the sleep you deserve with this lux sleep mask from Perpetual Shade. All who might try and disturb you will see the message loud & clear, DON’T WAKE ME UP!

Outdoor: if you make it outside on New Year’s Day, you’re going to need some shades. With a reduced frame curvature, long nose pads and narrowed nose bridge, this pair from Covry will stay on your face. No more continuously pushing up of your glasses, or seeing them slowly slip off your nose as your struggle to carry home your takeout.

For your head: Slept on your blowout? Hair matted from hairspray? Pull your look together and hide all signs of bed head with this trendy leather cap from Kate Spade.

For your room: Help relax, unwind and find some zen after a long night with this candle from Yankee Scent Systems. With a blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany, this candle turns any room into your personal oasis.

Other necessities

  • Gatorade: replenish electrolytes lost to champagne and re-hydrate
  • Advil: combat headache and any body aches caused by wearing heels


The Doneger Group & Accessories Council Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Accessories Council was proud to unveil The Doneger Group/Accessories Council Classroom at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) on December 13th at its Annual Open Board Meeting. Dr. Joyce F. Brown, Fashion Institute of Technology President; Abbey Doneger, The Doneger Group President and CEO and Karen Giberson, Accessories Council President, were on site for a ribbon cutting for the classroom designed for students of the accessories program. The funds for the classroom were raised by both proceeds from the Accessories Council Hall of Fame, which honored Abbey Doneger, and the 2015 ACE Awards Tribute Edition Journal.

The state-of-the-art classroom includes movable desks and chairs so the room can be set up in any style and desk tops that prop up to become drawing/drafting boards for traditional art classes. The classroom also features many hi-tech advancements such as Macbook Air lap tops, a printing and scanning station in the room so students can draw, scan, digitize and print their work in one room, creative Interactive Pen Display monitors with Mac Pro computers and a state-of-the-art projector, LED HD TV and sound system for presentations.

Karen Giberson said “The Doneger Group and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) have been long time friends and collaborators of the Accessories Council.  We are very proud of our partnership and this classroom is the product of many hours of work and support from our board, our Hall of Fame events and a portion of our ACE Journal proceeds.”

The Doneger Design Lab ribbon cutting The Doneger Design Lab ribbon cutting

2016 AC Cares

On November 29th and 30th, 2016 the Accessories Council hosted the inaugural annual AC Cares charity event. This event was the first time the accessory industry came together to volunteer and give back, over 140 companies and individuals participated. There were various ways to contribute to the initiative; companies were able to volunteer time, donate beads, donate product to the silent auction and general sale or join the Council at the event to shop for a cause! The Council also joined forces with The 92Y’s Beads for Love program where volunteers helped children bead necklaces for parents and caregivers at The WIN Shelter and a New York City Public School. Sales proceeds were shared three ways between the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, Glasgow Caledonian University’s Fair Fashion Center and the Accessories Council. The AC Cares cocktail party was sponsored by R.J. Graziano.

1Kate Falchi placing a bid at the silent auction.


Items at the AC Cares Silent Auction.


Rachel Darcy and Hanna J. Grey of Andronike.


R.J. Graziano and Lindsey Kress of R.J. Graziano at the silent auction

5Accessories Council President Karen Giberson and Holly Granofsky of the Social Sparkle


Accessories Council members shop at the general sale7


Florence Shin and Athina Wang, Co-Founders of Covry


Cara Smyth and Maggie Kervick of Glasgow Caledonian University


AC Members and friends at the silent auction10

Karen Giberson, Accessories Council President11

Frank Zambrelli, Accessories Council Chairman and Co-Founder at Banfi Zambrelli


Audra Moran, CEO of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance

The Accessories Council Showcase Goes To The 2016 PROJECT Women’s Show

The Accessories Council was proud to host a booth at the August PROJECT Women’s show in Las Vegas.  The Council began a partnership with the MAGIC trade show in 2012 and has continued to show in Las Vegas each season since.  The Council commits to a booth space and divides it into smaller spaces, offering their members a chance to try out the show before committing to a full booth.  The Council coordinates the details with the show, helps prepare the attendees, promotes the collective group actively before and during the show.  After a few seasons with the AC, the brand, should they want to continue a particular show, must go out on their own.

Council President, Karen Giberson, feels this is an important membership benefit and over the years has allowed hundreds of their companies to try new shows.  The Council attends approximately 12 shows a year, from jewelry focused shows to the PGA Show in Orlando to Premiere Classe in Paris.  They take designers to India for a leather fair and are committed to continuing to find opportunities to help their members sell more product.

A side benefit for participants is the support network that develop in the booth.  “We have seen collaborations amongst our members continue far beyond the show,” explained Giberson. “From PR collaborations, to mentoring and group trunk shows, our members genuinely enjoy working together and we love to watch it in action!” For the Council, the shows allow them to stay in touch with members, assist on the ground and meet new companies.

For a list of upcoming shows and events, visit www.accessoriescouncil.org or email Karen@accessoriescouncil.org for details.

A few participants from the August show include:

  • Piccolo New York, an upcoming cashmere accessories brand that’s getting a lot of positive response from buyers – Calyso St. Barth, Walin & Wolff, Frances Kahn & Julian Gold to name a few. As a New York based collection, we wanted to expand our exposure further to the West Coast and by showcasing with Accessories Council @ Project Womens, we have been able to get in front of a lot of West Coast based and international buyers.  Accessories Council has been a great platform and has been tremendous in helping us increase visibility, and in networking with others in the fashion accessories industry. We believe in helping women and children’s initiatives, and are currently very actively involved in supporting 2 amazing organizations with that goal – Hearts of Gold, and Zimele USA.  We hope to continue increasing our support for these charities, through the success of our business.


  • Elle & Jae Gypset newly launched in Fall 2016 is actively looking to grow our boutique business and the showcase at PROJECT is a great way to introduce the brand to the buying community. We picked up boutiques both on the east and west coast, but one of our main objectives was to meet with accounts that may not travel to New York for market.  Elle & Jae Gypset is a line of ethically produced handbags for bon vivants who live and play around the world…whether she’s off to the next music festival in Europe or surfing the beaches of Montauk, she likes to look and feel good about what she’s wearing. P1040814
  • Angel By L. Martino is a new handbag line launched by L+ Leung Design Group. The bags are all leather and made in India. This new line has a beautiful artisan feel that is designed for a relaxed lifestyle with a modern edge. The Accessories Council Showcase at PROJECT Women’s is incredibly valuable to a new brand such as ours. Being able to test out a show at a reasonable rate while gaining exposure for our newly launched handbag line is an incredible opportunity for us.


  • Ollie Quinn’s fashion introduction has been momentous.  Our award-winning O-shape silhouette handbags are inspired by vintage hatboxes and uniquely celebrate heroines from yesteryear in Modern Americana.  Following a series of major press and honors, the opportunity to join the Accessories Council for the showcase at PROJECT was a timely introduction to wholesale business. Joining the AC Showcase enabled the introduction of our brand where we sit at retail while allowing us to nurture professional relationships across the globe.  Our trade-show experience gave prestige in building B2B with new retailers and prospects.  Ollie Quinn is found in an international sensibility; the Ollie customer is a global nomad in heels with a handbag.  We had an awesome experience receiving introductions and orders from across the globe.  The exposure of fashion’s largest trade event was invaluable.P1040822
  • Exhibiting with the Accessories Council at Project initially meant growing brand presence and sales. However, an unexpected yet truly great experience was meeting the other designers sharing the booth. Hearing their stories, processes, and insights is truly invaluable for a young brand like STYLESTRING. Though these relationships are new, having an open dialogue with contemporaries can lead to a positive support network and even collaboration down the line. I am so happy to have met such a wonderful group of dynamic, creative women.P1040812 (1)





Fall 2017 Trend Predictions For Women

Our president, Karen Giberson, just wrapped up a week in Las Vegas attending and speaking at PROJECT WOMENS. While there, she attended a report by Fashion Snoops on Fall 2017 Trend Predictions. Visit their site to learn more and see below for the up-and-coming fall trends.


“Code”—industrial, active elements, utility, “Balenciaga” inspiration
colors: Poppy, Magenta, Khaki/Olive, Navy, Steel Blue, Grey
fabrics: Twill, Washed Cotton, Nylon, Jersey, Fleect
graphics: Simple bold easy messages
details: Oversized, Utility as hoods, flap pockets, raw edge denim
ACCESSORIES: BEANIE, Mis-matched Earrings, Sneaker Booties

“Precious Oddity”—Vintage Inspired, Individualism, “Gucci” inspired, quirky, chic grandma,
colors: Shades of Green, Golds, Goldenrod, Cinnamon, Scarlet Red, Carnation
fabrics: Burnout, Velvet
patterns: Excentric mix, patchwork, bird/insect prints
details: “pretty”, color accents, embroidery, bows at necks, self tie belts
silhouettes: PJ Shirts, bow Blouses, ruffle tops, duster vests, robe style jackets, bomber jackets
ACCESSORIES: Cross body bags, Embroidered sneakers, Socks in new materials

“Intellect”—Architecturally inspired, Retro 70
colors: Golden Rod, Coppers, Cinnamon, Cedar Red, Pea Green, Khaki, Ballet Pink
fabrics: Tweeds, wool felt, suede, shearling, lurex, mohair
graphics: Block motif, complex geometrics, revived repeats
details: Zip Front, snap front skirts, patchwork, fur trims
silhouettes: Bow blouses, long sleeves, tunic tops, mocknecks, duster jackets, fitted crews, slip dresses, mid-calf hemlines, button front shirts, wide legs, chunky cuffs
ACCESSORIES: Mixed media gloves, bowler hats, Mid-calf boots, chunkier heels

“Dispatch”—Military inspirations with ethnic patterns as batiks, east meets west
colors: Greens, pea, olive, steel blues, yellow accents, cinnamon
fabrics: Utility twill, wool felt, pebble leather, washed silks, quilting
graphics: Calligraphy motif, Asian inspiration, camouflage, batiks, wood block prints
details:Military, brass, patches, embroidery, raw hems
ACCESSORIES: Head scarves, Cuff Bracelets, Cross Body Bags, Combat Boots

“Runway Roadtrip”—Younger looks, Experiential Influence, homegrown spirit, nostalgic
colors: Camel, buttercream, stone grey, dusty cedar, blue ash, oceana teal
fabrics: Leather, rugged finishes, suede, denim, chiffon, intarsia, patterned fur
graphics:”route 66”, western, destination influence, “kitsch rodeo”, bold bright accents, flag, bandana
details: fringe, embroidery, lace closure, raw edges, studs, snap front shirts, bow front shirts, a-line skirts, sweater dress, fringe detail, fur vests, capes
ACCESSORIES: Headscarf, cowboy inspirations, saddle bag, embroidery on bags/accessories, cowboy boot

“Ritz”—Holiday, dark art deco, Jazz, fancy materials, beading, mysterious
colors: Jewel tones, Ivy, Plum, Soft tone metallic, dusty mauve, bisque, stone
fabrics: chiffon, tulle, lace, velvet, lame
graphics: decadent, art deco, art inspiration, Hollywood romance, flapper era
details:plunge necks, fur trims, robe styling, tassles, feather, beads, sequin
items: Victorian blouses, mock neck tops, puff sleeves, high neckline, mid-calf lengths, slip style with embellishments
ACCESSORIES: Floral Inspiration, Top handle bags with details, High-heel sandals

IMPORTANT COLORS: Refer to Pantone for their Fall 2016 color presentation
BLUE ASH (mixed with Bordeaux, trophy yellow)
PEA GREEN (mixed with olive, trophy yellow)
TROPHY YELLOW (mixed with scarlet red, navy, pastel blues)
MAGENTA (mixed with darker reds, brittle)
CHERRY (mixed with grey, brittle)
DUSTY MAUVE (mixed with olive, grey, blues)
DARK TEAL (mixed with frost, bluebird, cherry)
IVY GREEN (mixed with yellows)
CAMEL “PONY” (mixed with base tones as black, cinnamon, buttercream)
CINNAMON BROWN (mixed with Bordeaux, plum, pastels)
POTTERS CLAY/COPPER (mixed with cinnamon, teal, buttercream)
BALLET PINK (mixed with brittle, dusty cedar, deep red)
DUSTY CEDAR (mixed with brittle, khaki, buttercream)
AUTUMN ORANGE (mixed with navy, dusty cedar, bluebird)
PERIWINKLE (mixed with goldenrod, black, white)

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.03.52 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.02 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.18 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.05.16 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.05.02 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.44 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.32 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.04.25 PM

Thoughts for leather from Karen Giberson
Denim friendly
Pops of “hot” colors on trips
Gold tone/brass hardwear
Pebble Leathers
Cross Body Bags
Hands Free Bags
Mixed Media
Military inspiration


Read about how Marie Claire’s Editor-In-Chief, Anne Fulenwider, prepared for the ACE Awards with her busy schedule! She sure does know how to Get Things Done!

Anne Fulenwider accepted the Media Award for Marie Claire at the 20th Annual ACE Awards on August 2nd, 2016. Read about how Fulenwider juggled meetings and layout reviews while prepping  just a few hours before the big event.

Fulenwider also moderated a conversation with Ivanka Trump at the first annual Accessories Council SUMMIT in 2015.

Click here to read the article in The Cut:

Priyanka Chopra:JuliannaPriyanka Chopra with Anne Fulenwider, Editor-In-Chief of Marie Claire Magazine



The Accessories Council Visits India for Inaugural Designers Fair

The Designers Fair was the first initiative undertaken by the Council for Leather Exports under the Make in India program, which is aimed at design development in the Indian leather industry. Held at the Hotel Le Royal Meridien in Chennai, India on February 1st-3rd, 2016, this exclusive and ground-breaking design exhibition showcased twenty-four reputed designers from around the world, including two Indian designers. Categories featured included leather footwear, leather wallets, purses, and handbags, and additional footwear components and gloves. Accessories Council President, Karen Giberson was in attendance for this inaugural event.

To learn more and see a full recap of the event, please see the link below.

Designers Fair-Chennai

FDRA presents: Omnisourcing in an Omnichannel World

On August 19, 2015, the Accessories Council attended the FNPlatform Show during MAGIC in Las Vegas entitled Footwear Distributors and Retails of America Presents: Omnisourcing in an Omnichannel World.

Presentees included Matt Priest (President of the FDRA), N. Mohan (Vice President of TATA International), and N. Bhasin (Regional Chairman-West of the Council for Leather Exports).



Photo courtesy of www.treschicnow.com

Overview From FDRA:

2.3 Billion pairs of shoes are imported to the USA each year—that is over 7 pairs of shoes per individual.  Most of those shoes (79%) come from China, with 95% of the shoes coming from just 3 countries, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.  The overall reliance on China is starting to fade a bit with athletic shoes leading the charge of alternative sourcing.

The possibility expanding the Trans Pacific Partnership, (a free-trade agreement) a 12-nation fair trade agreement could save the USA a lot of duty. In fact, by adopting this new policy including Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chili, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.  The proposal would save companies and consumers $400 million by eliminating the duty.  This would be a big win for growth of the category.

Other highlights:

  • Cambodia has had a 134% increase in footwear production, but this is off of a very small base.
  • India is also growing at a nice pace of 10% annually—there are some tremendous opportunities in India to both source and sell shoes
  • The Dominican Republic already offers duty-free imports, but only 1.4% of the volume coming to the USA is from the DR.  May be more opportunity there.

Overview from Mr. Mohan:

Made in India:  The government is stepping up to make it easier for production and foreign investors.  India has a $500billion retail base today, with a projection of $1.3trillion projected by 2020.

There are multi-opportunities to develop business in India:

  • Opportunities to introduce and grow your brand
  • Opportunity to manufacture in India

Important facts:

  • The economy is on strong footing, it’s the 7th largest GDP and the 3rd Largest purchasing population
  • Land is amply available
  • India is the 5th largest generator of electricity with a 8.5% growth
  • Interest rates on savings are high
  • It’s getting easier to obtain an employment visa
  • There is plenty of manpower with more entering market—356 million people are aged 10-24 years
  • The government is training the population, so no shortage of labor pool
  • Demographic break
    • 65% of the population is less than 30 years old
    • 5-7 million people are “Super Rich”
    • 70-80 million are “Consuming”
    • 250-300 million are “Climbing” and aspiring to consume
    • India produces 2 billion sq. ft. of leather annually, 10% of the global production
    • They export $6.5 billion in leather
    • There is no duty on hides coming from India
    • More “zero liquid discharge” factories and cleaner production options

Footwear has a $5 billion base with a $26 billion projected business (men’s footwear is 46% of the market) Footwear consumption by Indian citizens projected to double from 2 pairs to 4 pairs by 2020.  If you are thinking of new sourcing options or selling, there is certainly opportunity in India.

Our President, Karen Giberson, walked the booths in footwear and accessories. The men’s collections showed strength and quality.  Women’s casual shoes, flats and boots also seemd possible, particularly if you are coming with your own designs. The same was true of their accessory and leather apparel assortments.

FDRA: Founded in 1944, the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) is the oldest, largest, and most effective footwear trade association in the U.S. It represents the full breadth of the footwear industry, supporting more than 100 companies and over 200 brands, from research, design and development, to manufacturing and distribution, to retailers selling to consumers all over the globe. What FDRA does is simple: It advocates for lower costs for consumers, allowing its members to sell more shoes and create jobs.

Council for Leather Exports: The Council for Leather Exports (CLE) is the single largest and Apex trade promotion organization of the strong and rapidly growing Indian leather & leather products industry. CLE is committed towards the overall development of Indian leather sector and achieve higher export growth to enhance India’s share in global leather trade. CLE is functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. It is the notified Export Promotion organization for entire leather & leather products industry.

Remembering Elaine Gold

ACE 043

It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts that we share the news of Elaine Gold’s passing. Elaine was a beloved friend and board member of the Accessories Council.

The Accessories Council is very sad to announce the passing of an industry icon, Elaine Gold.  Known for her short silver hair, fiery sense of humor and deep knowledge of the industry, Elaine had a dynamic career, influencing and working with designers and brands including Vera, Totes/XIIX Karat, Collection XIIX, Ellen Tracy, Jones New York, to name a few.  Elaine Gold passed on August 30, 2015 after a short illness.

Elaine’s career began at Vera Scarves, after a chance meeting when she auditioned to be a model in the showroom. She often said she took a job in the accessory industry, as the bus from Jackson Heights where she lived, went straight to Fifth Avenue. She worked directly with Vera as her assistant and studio business manager.  During her time there, the company developed their tabletop prints and scarf business.  She also worked with budding designer, Perry Ellis.

After 19 years at Vera, she joined Robinson & Golluber, where she was an early pioneer of brand marketing in the scarf industry.  She then joined Totes to run XIIX Karats, working with legends such as Albert Nipon, Ellen Tracy and Kenzo.  In 1983 Elaine bought the company and changed the name to Collection XIIX. Stating, “I need to keep XIIX in the name as it’s already on the door and the letters are too expensive to remove!” She built Collection XIIX into a powerhouse company taking on brand licenses as Anne Klein and Jones New York to name a few. In addition, she launched her namesake Elaine Gold Collection, which was in stores until 1997.

In 1991, Elaine joined forces with Drew Pizzo, the current owner of Collection XIIX and then became partners with him when he bought half the company in 1992.  “Elaine was a visionary and a supporter of entrepreneurial women across all industries.  An icon in the accessory industry, she was known for her impeccable and strong sense of style, always perfectly put together and always a well matching scarf to accessorize her signature tailored look.  She was a mentor and friend of many and a very dear friend and partner to me.  She will be fondly remembered.”  Drew Pizzo, CEO Collection XIIX.

Elaine went on to found a new company, Elaine Gold Enterprises, which landed the US Postal service as its first license.  She worked with clients as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Vera Bradley.  Elaine was a consummate professional who was known as a “go to” lady for all things scarves.

Elaine was passionate about her industry and was known for her strong commitment to giving back, in addition to being a charter member of the Accessories Council, she served on a number of boards.  She was a long time board member of Shankar College in Israel and often hosted students in her office.  She served on the Advisory Board of LIM College. She was honored by FABB, for her work in the fashion accessory industry and honored with the Accessories Council Hall of Fame Award in 2007.

She made charity a priority, serving on the board of Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl. She was honored by the group in 2012 and made regular trips to visit the children in the school outside of Tel Aviv.  She was honored by The Foundation Fighting Blindness in 2013.  Elaine was a loyal member of Chabad of Midtown for 18 years.

Elaine will be missed.  An industry memorial service and celebration of Elaine’s life and industry contributions will be announced in the near future.


15Anniversary2010_12 ACE 022 HoFRFinley_2010_5



The Accessories Council would like to welcome new member, LDR Brands!

Sarah DeMarco, Nickole Raymond, and Lindsey Tervo-Clemmens are female executives from diverse career backgrounds. Together, they are the founders of LDR Brands and the epitome of the modern woman.

Their non-stop lifestyle required them to travel extensively with their laptops. On their frequent flights, these women realized that their tech accessories were stylish or functional – never both. These entrepreneurs sourced high quality materials to create the perfect laptop bag combining both fashion and practicality, thus establishing LDR Brands!

Check out this handbag from the LDR Porter Bag Collection:

LDR Brands Photo Assets

Features of this collection include:

  • 100% Italian Pebbled Leather and Suede
  • Eco-friendly shock absorbent padded computer section
  • Two interior pen/lip-gloss holders
  • One interior key/cord Keeper
  • One interior zipper pocket
  • One interior business card pocket
  • One interior phone pocket
  • Exterior zipper pocket and phone pocket slot
  • 7” handle drop with adjustable strap
  • 3 lbs., 16.5” L x 3” W and 12.75” H

LDR Brands Photo Assets

It is so exciting that these smart and successful women have created a product that never sacrifices fashion for function again.

To support LDR Brands, be sure to check out their Kickstarter Campaign. We agree, “It’s time to break up with your baggage”. Visit their website at www.ldrbrands.com to pre-order now!


What’s more fun than updating your wardrobe and growing your sales with accessories? We can’t think of too many things! Accessories always fit! They are a great way to up a sales ticket and transform an outfit. Incorporating accessories into your mix is a smart, affordable and exciting way to keep your store fresh and create a treasure hunt for your shoppers. We are loving this season’s great handbags, colorful jewelry and fun footwear.

EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS—There are many designers, particularly newer companies, that are willing to do small runs, unique colors or hardware with collections. It can’t hurt to ask! As you select new products, try to find things that can be special for your store or at least exclusive for your geographical area. It will give your shopper a reason to keep coming back.

REAL MEN ACCESSORIZE—There are more wonderful accessory and jewelry choices for men than ever before. Today’s man is ready and willing to up their fashion game. As you think about buying for holiday, you might want to include a few gift items.  Try Ransom Jewels for some great men’s jewelry.

TECHNOLOGY—Technology has transformed our lives and certainly the accessory world. All the tablets, phones and computers that will be gifted for the holidays will need new cases. Think about ways to grow your business with fashionable solutions to house our beloved tech. We’re currently loving Vanesa Rey’s sleek iphone cross-body cases.

Technology has infused itself into our products, too. Wearable tech items such as fit bands or smart fabrics are a fun way to refresh your assortment.

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS PRODUCTS—Consumers are increasingly looking for meaning in what they buy. If you can find great looking product that was made with integrity, crafted close to your store or that uses environmentally friendly materials, all the better. We love items that give back in some way and so will your customers. Everyone loves a product with a story, be sure to educate and train your team so that they can convey it properly to your customers. Jewelry brand, Ragini Mittal, is a great example of a product that is both beautiful and gives back to the community.

PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS—Today’s shoppers love to have items that are especially made for them. Consider offering a mix of initials, monograms or the ability to customize products for your shoppers. Brands like John Wind Maximal Art have great charm programs and brands like Kemi Designs and Auburn Jewelry can make special jewelry pieces for your stores.

CREATIVE DISPLAYS—We love our products, but they don’t always show well without a little creativity. While walking the show, note how brands have propped and presented their items. There are many low cost ways to achieve the same results in your stores.  When accessories are displayed properly, they will sell much better! We love how VIP Unlimited uses a Rolodex to display their hair bands.

DON’T FORGET THE EYES! Good eye health is essential, so offering UV protective sunglasses or reading glasses is more important than ever. The average age of Americans is rising quickly, with the Boomer being the fastest growing market segment.  Fashionable readers are a great way to add on sales. StaysOn is a great product that mixes both fashion and function  with their sunglasses that can also be used as headbands.

Stop by and see the Accessories Council Showcase at Atlanta Apparel next week, booth #2-777! Don’t miss our trend presentation on Friday at 4 p.m. or my presentation on Saturday at 10 a.m. (both on 2nd floor runway.) We are happy to answer your accessory questions and show you some of our favorite brands and items!

-Karen Giberson
President, Accessories Council

16th Annual FIT Next Generation Awards

On Tuesday May 12th, the Accessories Council hosted the 16th Annual Next Generation Awards at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  The event featured more category sponsorships than ever before.  Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this evening a success:

Congratulations to all of our winners!

  • Men’s Accessories
    1st Prize: Ryan Flynn
    2nd Prize: Den Ly
  • Fine Jewelry
    1st Prize: Melinda Mendoza
    2nd Prize: Hyun Jung Hur
  • Sunglasses
    1st Prize: Ryan Flynn
    2nd Prize: Shawnee Li
  • Millinery
    1st Prize: Eunae Shim
    2nd Prize: Aaron Anish
  • Handbags
    1st Prize: T. Jacob Hooker & Fernando Webb
    2nd Prize Gabrielle Litterio
  • SLGs/Belts
    1st Prize: Adnan Ege Kutay
    2nd Prize: Den Ly
  • Fashion Jewelry
    1st Prize: Ana Aguilar
    2nd Prize: Alexia Kitsli
  • Optical
    1st Prize: Varuna Suraseranivong
    2nd Prize: Cali Hellerman
  • Footwear
    1st Prize: Gloria Yuen
    2nd Prize: Juan Mota
  • Portfolio
    1st Prize: Gloria Yuen
    2nd  Prize: Kira Yang

In addition to the Next Generation Awards, for the first time ever we had the pleasure of hosting a mini-career fair at FIT. Attendees included V. Fraas, Global Brands Group, Deepa Gurnani, and Colette Malouf.

We are honored to award and recognize excellence in the next generation of accessory design!

P1010804Next Generation Awards 2015.

Tura WinnerJennifer Coppel of Tura Inc (left) and Varuna Suraseranivong, 1st Prize Winner for Outstanding Optical Design.

Luxottica WinnersAria Choung of Luxottica Group (left) and Robin Lawson of Glasses.com (right) with 1st Prize Winner, Ryan Flynn (middle left) and 2nd Prize Winner, Shawnee Li, for Outstanding Optical Design.

Kate Spade WinnerAmy Gofton of Kate Spade & Company with 1st Prize Winners, T. Jacob Hooker (middle left) and Fernando Webb (middle right), and 2nd Prize Winner, Gabrielle Litterio (left), for Outstanding Handbag Design.

Kara Ross NY WinnerKara Ross’s 2015 1st Prize Winner for Outstanding Fine Jewelry Design, Melinda Mendoza.

Jack Spade WinnersJarrod Khan of Global Brands Group (middle) with 1st Prize Winner, Adnan Ege Kutay, and 2nd Prize Winner, Den Ly, for Outstanding Small Leather Goods and Belts Design.

Haskel WinnerJackie Canzone (left) and Patricia Klein (right) of Haskell Jewels with Alexia Kitsli (middle), 2nd Prize Winner for Outstanding Fashion Jewelry Design.

FGX WinnerEllen Mash, of FGX International with Aaron Anish, 2nd Prize Winner for Outstanding Millinery Design.

Collection 18 WinnersDiana Amorello (left) and Rachel Rowberry (right) of Collection XIIX with 1st Prize Winner, Gloria Yuen (middle right), and 2nd Prize Winner, Kira Yang (middle left), for Outstanding Portfolio Design.

9 West WinnersJimmy Chan of Nine West Group (middle) with 1st Prize Winner, Gloria Yuen (right), and 2nd Prize Winner, Juan Mota (left), for Outstanding Footwear Design.

Jack SpadeTodd Magill of Jack Spade (middle) with 1st Prize Winner, Ryan Flynn (left) and 2nd Prize Winner, Den Ly (right), for Outstanding Men’s Accessories Design.

Kara RossKara Ross, CEO & Founder of Kara Ross NY.

SarahMullinsFIT’s Accessories Design Chairperson, Sarah Mullins, kicks off the 2015 Next Generation Awards!

KarenAccessories Council President, Karen Giberson, welcomes the crowd.

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