How To Have An Accessorized New Year’s Eve

There are many fabulous things about the New Year: champagne, glitter, good friends, and of course, great accessories. We’ve seen a great year for accessories in 2016 and as we gear up for what 2017 has in store, we wanted to visit some of our favorite trends and Accessories Council member’s items to help you create the perfect look to welcome in 2017. The great thing about investing in accessories? They’re reusable all year round! Be honest, how many times have you worn that sequin dress you bought two years ago?

The Big Night Out aka New Year’s Eve

We might be biased but it’s our humble opinion that most your New Year’s Eve expenses should be accessories related. We recommend going into your closet and pulling out your LBD (or check out this cute one from Rebecca Minkoff ) and dressing it up with some of these picks.

For your ears: Rainbow was a big trend in 2016 and we can’t get enough of these fun, front-back earrings from Sarah Magid. Plus, we love how they are reminiscent of New Year’s Eve Fireworks!

For your lipstick+ wallet+ keys: We aren’t over touches of velvet and we don’t see this popular trend going anywhere. Tyler Ellis’ chic, velvet clutch will fit everything you need for the evening. This item will pull any outfit together, all season long.

For your feet: Heels- every girl’s nightmare on New Year’s Eve. You need a stiletto that you can dance in all night long! That’s why we recommend Marion Parke- a podiatrist turned designer. With an arch support, added material to support the rearfoot and ankle, as well as medical grade material for cushioning that molds to the foot over time, you won’t be barefoot or seated once all night!

For your neck: This necklace from Eriness might look simple but this elegant, 14K gold diamond bar is anything but. This necklace will draw the eye to the neckline and doesn’t compete with the fun rainbow earrings. No New Year’s outfit is complete without some glitz or diamonds!

Other essentials 

  • glitter: for celebrating!
  • lumee: for memorializing the evening with your friends


Under the New Year’s Sun

So you’re on the beach soaking in 2017? Just because you’re relaxing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace this season’s best beach accessories! If you’re like us and returning to gloomy weather, these picks will still look great come Summer 2017.

For your feet: Jack Roger’s quality, whipstiched leather sandals look great headed to the beach, the boat, or the local crab shack. The neutral color matches your entire wardrobe and the unique monogramming will help remind you to write 2017 not 2016!

For your dip in the ocean: Every great beach getaway calls for great swim wear. We love to mix and match our tops and bottoms, like this Tory Sport bikini top and swim RISE bottom. This seventy inspired top features four-way stretch, is quick drying, and has UPF 50 sun protection. Oh, and if you’re feeling less than spectacular about your bikini body, swim RISE’s skirt-like garment has a compression band built into the top, leaving you feeling confident and ready to bare it all.

For blocking rays: Despite the obvious benefits of sun protection, this adorable straw hat from Luxchilas supports local artisans. Handmade in Columbia by Wayuu artisans, it has a flat-shaped brim that can be turned up or down and the fun pompoms add a touch of color to your look.

For FURTHER blocking rays: No beach outfit is complete without shades. Block the sun, take a nap or secretly scope out other beach goers in these Alex shades by Freida Rothman.

For dessert: Craving ice cream but want to skip the indulgence? This clutch from Paige Gamble, a New York City atelier is cute, playful and zero calories. Plus, it holds all your beach necessities without weighing you down.

Other essentials

  • smartwater: to stay hydrated in the sun
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF: a sunburn is not an accessory we recommend, stay protected!




You Knew This Was Coming

Ah, the inevitable morning after. You stayed up too late, had one too many glasses of champagne or you just want to end your holidays in comfort. There is a way to look great (even if you don’t feel great).


For lounging around: Cozy up on your couch in this 100% cashmere hoodie from Johnston’s of Elgin. Knitted in Scotland, this top will help keep you warm and comfy all day (and year!) long.

For your feet: Need to slip on some shoes when you run out for your recovery bagel sandwich? These breathable, flexible, sneakers from the jibs life are just what you need! Handmade in Brazil and designed with supreme comfort in mind, we promise these will become your new go-to shoes!

For your eyes (indoor and outdoor)

Indoor: after being out till the wee hours of the night, you don’t need 2017’s sun rays interrupting your sleep. Block out the world and get the sleep you deserve with this lux sleep mask from Perpetual Shade. All who might try and disturb you will see the message loud & clear, DON’T WAKE ME UP!

Outdoor: if you make it outside on New Year’s Day, you’re going to need some shades. With a reduced frame curvature, long nose pads and narrowed nose bridge, this pair from Covry will stay on your face. No more continuously pushing up of your glasses, or seeing them slowly slip off your nose as your struggle to carry home your takeout.

For your head: Slept on your blowout? Hair matted from hairspray? Pull your look together and hide all signs of bed head with this trendy leather cap from Kate Spade.

For your room: Help relax, unwind and find some zen after a long night with this candle from Yankee Scent Systems. With a blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany, this candle turns any room into your personal oasis.

Other necessities

  • Gatorade: replenish electrolytes lost to champagne and re-hydrate
  • Advil: combat headache and any body aches caused by wearing heels


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