“Age of Influence” with Digital Brand Architects and the Accessories Council

Like them, love them, follow them. We are living in an “Age of Influence” where brands and consumers alike must navigate the wild west that is the new world of social media. With the rise of social platforms, from Instagram to Snapchat, and everything in between, it’s hard for a consumer, or a brand, to keep pace. We all know the importance of the influencer but how do we define this new space, best practices, fees, legal AND make a meaningful splash with our brand in the market? We turned to Karen Robinovitz and Reesa Lake of Digital Brand Architects, who are experts in the digital space and the influencer.


On Wednesday, February 8th the Accessories Council members and guests heard from Karen & Reesa, as well as three influencers, Naomi Davis of Love Taza, Natalie Lim Suarez of Natalie Off Duty and Pari Ehsan of Pari Dust, at an educational session held in the gorgeous Henri Bendel store on Fifth Avenue. Appropriately titled “Age of Influence: Everything You Want to Know About Working with Influencers In The Digital Space”, guests were given an in-depth look into how to best work with influencers.


L to R: Karen Robinovitz, Pari Ehsan, Natalie Lim Suarez, Naomi Davis & Reesa Lake

Naomi, Natalie and Pari walked us through the essence of their platforms. Whether it’s telling the story of an artwork, a family vacation, or a road trip with a sister, it was clear that each of these women had their own voices, goals and objectives in their blog. Similar to how they tell their stories on their platforms, these women all mentioned that they want to help brands tell their story and if they select to partner with a brand, it’s because they feel a personal connection. It’s important for brands to think past the banner ad and concentrate on what the influencer can add to the story of a campaign.


Natalie Lim Saurez and Pari Ehsan

For brands to maximum their use of influencers and run a successful campaign, our panel stressed the importance of marrying your brand image with your influencers image. Influencers know their voice and audience. You know your brand and your brand values. In a true collaboration, you work hard to understand the essence of your influencer and their platform and remain open to the final product. It is dangerous to think “this is how I want it”.


While the platforms, the medium, and the talent might have changed, the heart of successful marketing remains the same: always be organic, stay true to yourself, experiment and know your audience.


For more information on Digital Brand Architects and their capabilities visit their site here.

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