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Elaine Gold Launch Pad

In memory of accessories maven Elaine Gold’s vibrant legacy and deep commitment to nurturing creative entrepreneurs, the Accessories Council and the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s CFDA Foundation unite to create the Elaine Gold Launch Pad, a four-year partnership underwritten by $1.5 million donation to the CFDA Foundation.

The Elaine Gold Launch Pad will empower young designers of all fashion specializations to develop creative entrepreneurial skills and innovative business acumen. The unique, virtual talent lab invites applications from early emerging talent one to three years within their professional journeys. All categories of apparel, accessories, jewelry, textiles, knitwear, and hybrid specializations are eligible.

Framed at the intersection of design and business, the Elaine Gold Launch Pad will apply a design- thinking approach to strategic concepts within fashion product, service, systems, and brand experience, striving to support participants in catapulting ideas into the future of fashion.

Participation in the Elaine Gold Launch Pad will begin with competitive selection of up to 10 finalists to compete for up to five  Elaine Gold Launch Pad Design Fellowships.  Each young designer selected to participate in the Launch Pad will benefit from the CFDA and Accessories Council’s unparalleled ecosystem of industry leaders and visionaries, and gain mentorship based knowledge, experience and exposure.

Elaine Gold Design Fellows will be challenged to develop design-centric, innovative business model concepts with tangible rewards. Each designer will compete for a series of milestone based micro – awards, venture awards, and end program awards of up to $175,000 based on viability and originality.

It was really an honor and a privilege to do something to remember Elaine Gold, a board member of the council, one of the people who had been on board from the very beginning, so for me to do something that respected her wishes is a privilege,” said Accessories Council president Karen Giberson.

Briefing and Guidelines for Elaine Gold Launch Pad will be made available here and the CFDA website on Monday, April 3rd.

To learn more visit the CFDA Elaine Gold Launch Pad or email or call 212.947.1135


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