New Era of Social Media Marketing: Visual Story Telling

On July 25th, the Accessories Council hosted an Educational Session with APEX Creative at the Roman & Sunstone Showroom. APEX Creative shared some fantastic tips and secrets about the “New Era of Social Media Marketing: Visual Story Telling”. APEX Creative works with brands to develop visual content strategy, create captivating images, engage customers across sales channels and grow brand’s following and sales. They are visual story tellers, who offer competitively priced solutions for brands at different budgets and stages of development. Here’s a few valuable tidbits from the presentation:

 How to save money while maintaining consistent imagery across all your brand’s platforms.

APEX suggests working with one vendor who can deliver multiple types of content. What does this mean? Well, brands need look books, product shots, web content and social media content. Sometimes this includes videography as well as photography. By finding a vendor that is able to do one photoshoot for the website/catalogue, look book, and social media, you may be able to save money since there is no need to hire three different photographers and three different hair and makeup artists. Instead, you can shoot all at once and vary the looks and environment according to the purpose of the image. In addition, this helps keep the brand story consistent throughout all visual platforms.

How to plan ahead and stay true to your brand’s story.

While using one vendor for all the photoshoots, APEX also suggests limiting the number of photoshoots to one per season/quarter. During this one shoot plan for three months of photo content for your brand’s social platforms. Invest the time and resources in pre-production and make a social media calendar and create the actual content. Apps like Air Table and Latergram are great tools for scheduling and visualizing the pre-planned content. Make sure your images are consistent with the story your brand wants to tell.

For more tips and ideas on the APEX approach to social media and visual story telling check out the presentation here Apex Creative-Presentation-LR

Keep your eye out for our next session with APEX Creative later this year!

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